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David Hamilton

    David Hamilton is one of Britain`s best known radio and TV personalities with a career spanning over five decades. During that time he has presented over 12,000 radio shows for BBC and commercial stations and over 1,000 TV shows mainly for BBC and ITV, but also on satellite.

    He started out as a writer. While still a pupil at Glastonbury Road Grammar School at St. Helier in Surrey he wrote a weekly column in the national football magazine, Soccer Star, for two years from the age of 15.

    Leaving school at 17, he joined ATV as a continuity script-writer and in 1957 scripted the ATV Sunday night film series, Portrait Of A Star.

    Called up for National Service in the R.A.F., he was posted to Cologne, home of the British Forces Network in Germany. There, at the age of 19, he became a teenage rock `n` roll disc-jockey with a weekly show on forces radio.

    And as they say ….. the rest is history!