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How to Listen to Us

There are many ways to hear us!

Old School in the car and on the radio – 94.1 FM

On your PC by clicking Listen Live top right, or on a mobile or tablet simply click the triangular arrow top right.

Last week TuneIn were forced to act and restrict some stations after losing out in court to Sony Music and Warner Music. As a station PureGold holds all of the correct licenses to cover Spain, and each month we pay royalties.
However, this licence does not cover our internet broadcasting outside of Spain and non-Spanish registered devices, consequently this is why some listeners can no longer listen to us on TuneIn via Alexa or Google Home.
Fortunately, we do have solutions for this.

1. If you are living in Spain and your device is registered in Spain with a Spanish account, ie Alexa is linked to your Spanish Amazon account then you should be able to continue to listen to us via your TuneIn app.
2. If your Alexa device and account are registered to the UK then we haver created a skill – https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=pure%20gold%20radio… install this and you are good to go.
We are working on a solution for Google Home.

For Sonos and other devices our stream is https://streaming.galaxywebsolutions.com:9000/stream