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With the type of popular nostalgic music we play we are attracting a massive growing audience from age groups of 30 years of age and upwards!

Look at your business and recognise the age groups that use your venue or products then you decide if you are spending your advertising revenue wisely.

Research shows that most of the younger generation are tuned into their music on their phones or i pods and rarely listen to the radio unless mum or dad is giving them a lift and they have to listen to 94.1 fm ! ( we have researched local garages who repair and service cars they inform us that around 70 % of their customers have their car radios tuned in to our station 94.1 fm.)

Now we are officially a community based radio station having a designated NIF number to recognise this.

Our presenters are voluntary which proves they must have a real love for music and enjoy the job they do.

As a community based station we support and broadcast local events and functions to help raise funds for charities such as M.A.B.S. APASA, AKIRA, The Lions, etc.

If you wish to advertise with us please get in touch and we will be delighted to send one of our representatives along to arrange a professional tailor made advert to suit your business.

Call on +34 622 39 09 38 or email studio@puregold.fm